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State Theatre Company has made $1m at the box office.

State Theatre Company has smashed all previous pre-season ticket sale records, with more than $1 million already taken at the box office.

Executive director Jodi Glass says the record – which broke on 7 February – was a thrilling start to the year.

“We’ve sold $1.117m in the 160 days since we launched Season 2018 on 1 September last year, smashing all previous pre-season ticket sales records and beating last year’s sales by $100k at the same number of sales days,” she said.

“Subscribers have embraced Season 2018 and on average are buying 6 play packages out of 9 plays on offer this year. Last year subscribers bought on average 4 plays out of 7 plays on offer.”

Glass said the combination of strong programming and audiences’ thirst for unique, live experiences contributed to the glowing numbers.

“Theatre is such an ephemeral artform, it’s not a form of entertainment like Netflix – you can’t save the experience to your device and watch it on demand later. It is immediate, breathing and fleeting.

“As a theatre company, our job is to craft powerful stories and form a shared experience between artists and with audiences we create memories. This year’s program has captured people’s imaginations.”