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Meet a State Theatre Company Supporter

Corporate support for the arts is an essential part of the funding mix that enables companies like the State Theatre Company to continue to do the work it does. We chatted with Chief Operating Officer Andrew Staniford, Australian Gas Networks (AGN) to gain their perspective on our partnership.

What has been your most engaging experience or moment at a State Theatre Company performance?

The performance I found most engaging this year was Things I Know to be True. The play analyses family life – its pleasures and challenges. The Price family faced many challenges – more than what might be considered normal for an average family. However, each challenge provided an insight into issues affecting contemporary family life today. No one could leave this performance without saying at some point “I get that”. Each incident spoke to the tension in modern life between pursuing a dream and being responsible for the stewardship and protection of the essential fabric of society (family life).

Who do you bring to enjoy the performances and hospitality provided to AGN as part of our partnership?

We bring people from many different areas who support, or are impacted by, AGN’s business. This includes customers, our business clients, stakeholders who support natural gas and staff from AGN and APA. For some, it may be their first experience of live theatre. Others will be theatre tragics, who can never get enough theatre.

Corporate support is a challenge for arts organisations. Why does AGN consider it important to support the arts?

The arts are crucial to documenting social history and understanding life. They are both a mirror of society, and the handbook of history. AGN supports the arts because it is important for the community to have a vibrant arts culture.

What’s next on the cards for AGN? What would you like our audiences to know about you?

AGN would like to provide more South Australians with greater access to reliable, clean and affordable natural gas. Natural Gas is a real performer when it comes to home energy needs. It is the perfect fuelto support a renewable future. With gas prices reducing, and winter upon us, now is the time to connect to natural gas, enjoy AGN rebates of up to $1,500 currently on offer to offset the costs of connecting to gas, and install gas appliances in your home to improve your quality of life and the value of your home. Visit or ring 1300 001 001.


It is a joy to welcome back partners like AGN every year and we look forward to sharing the 2017 Season with our valued donors, friends and partners. .