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State Ed News: Student Achievement Awards Announced

Each year State Theatre Company recognises four graduating Year 12 students for their achievement in Drama studies throughout their high school careers.

Nominations are assessed on the student’s dedication, passion, willingness to assist their peers and participation in extra-curricular activities, regardless of grade. Students are nominated by their teachers, and winners receive a 4 play Subscription to Season 2018 thanks to our Education and Access Partner Channel 9.

We received a number of outstanding nominations in 2017 and thank all the teachers who took the time to tell us about their dedicated, passionate and committed students.


2017 Student Achievement Award Winners

Daniel Fryar-Calabro – Nominated by Tanya Kaploon, Charles Campbell College

“Equal to his enthusiasm and talent is his unfaltering work ethic and willingness to learn, often going above and beyond in order to develop a deep understanding of his learning. These qualities have seen him grow incredibly as an actor and academic student in the past years, which have not been without their personal challenges.  This year I cast Daniel in the lead role in our year 12 performance examination and he rose to the occasion, producing an outstanding performance which I believe further buoyed his enthusiasm for the arts and allowed his family to recognise his innate talent.”

Jordan Kitchingman – Nominated by Rachel McCall, Woodcroft College

“Jordan has contributed so much to Drama at Woodcroft College over the past few years. He has gone above and beyond to help other students and staff and to promote theatre to the school community. He is always the first to arrive at rehearsal and the last to leave. He attended every weekend, holiday and after school rehearsal, always bringing a positive can-do attitude… Above all, he has one of the most positive attitudes and is an outstanding role model for other students. He is a great example for bringing other male students into the drama faculty and has done so much to promote the subject. This has been vital considering it has only recently taken off at the school.”

Brendan Nguyen – Nominated by Daniel Nowak, Temple Christian College

“Some words: dedicated, passionate, detailed, creative, insightful, active. Having been a part of a hard-working class, this student not only brought ideas forward, but worked on them tirelessly behind the scenes. He spent countless lunchtimes helping other cast members during production. He has a dream of taking this acting further, and I believe it would mean the world to not only his future, his family, his culture, but this school and it would unlock a world of possibilities for future graduates. Many of these students don’t see a future in the arts, but that’s only because it is foreign to them, and the unknown is still scary for even the best of us.”

Holly Thompson – Nominated by Simon Butters, Trinity College

“Holly puts others before herself. She volunteered to stage manage our major production in Stage 2 drama even though she could have achieved a high grade with her acting abilities. She demonstrates leadership in the class, she has shown deidication and commitment to her studies with high achievement throughout every unit, she engages in extra curricular activities in music and the school musical and shows a general love of the arts.”