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Stay up late with Off Stage...


Stay up late with Off Stage…

Want to kick on after a brilliant night at the theatre? Why not come to the after party?
Add an Off Stage pass when you book your tickets to three of the hottest shows in 2018 to gain entry to our exclusive VIP after-party! Come join us and the artists in a variety of secret locations, all you have to do is flash your pass after the show and we’ll handle the rest. Oh, and of course, the drinks are on us.

If you’re under 30 the pass and the show will cost only $58 (and if you’re not, just add the $25 pass to your regular ticket purchase).

In 2018, the Off Stage parties will be available for…

After Dinner Friday 13 April, 8pm
Sense and Sensibility Friday 18 May, 8pm
That Eye, The Sky Friday 31 August, 8pm

Grab your friends and join us for a drink after the show!