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Stay up late with Off Stage...

In 2017 we’re giving you even more bang for your theatrical buck with Off Stage.

Simply add an Off Stage pass when you book tickets to one of four shows in our season and you’ll be transported to our exclusive VIP after-party where you’ll rub shoulders with the artists at various secret locations and, of course, the drinks are on us.

Our next Off Stage party kicks off after Macbeth on Friday 8 September.

In a nightmare-scape of war and violence, murder begets murder and the ruthless rise to power. Among them, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth; the conjoined, madly beating hearts around which a vengeance-soaked world spins. This extraordinary tale charts the brutal rise and fall of one of the theatre’s most complex couples as we follow them on their increasingly merciless path towards the crown. It’s a fast-paced and cinematic vision of hell unleashed on earth. If you’ve ever thought Shakespeare is boring this is the one to prove you wrong…

After the show, just flash your pass to be transported to the Off Stage party. If you’re under 30, the whole lot will cost you just $58 (and if you’re not, just add the $25 pass to your regular ticket purchase).

In 2017, the Off Stage parties will be available for…

Mr Burns Friday 28 April, 8pm
1984 Friday 26 May, 8pm
Macbeth Friday 8 September, 8pm
Vale Friday 24 November, 8pm

Grab your friends and join us for a drink after the show!