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School Drama™ is a professional development program for primary school teachers designed to increase confidence and capacity in using the Arts as a teaching tool. Teachers are partnered with an artist over a school term, together exploring how drama strategies can be integrated into the English and literacy curriculum. Developed by Professor Robyn Ewing (Sydney University) and Sydney Theatre Company, State Theatre Company and Flinders University have adopted the School Drama™ program in South Australia, working with 19 teachers over three years.

This customised program includes:

  • Expert instruction from experienced teaching artists
  • Training session before the start of term
  • Two customised planning sessions
  • Seven weekly in-class workshops modelling drama strategies
  • Seven weeks of lesson plans
  • Practical approaches to integrate drama across the curriculum

In addition to improved literacy skills, teachers have noted that students developed self-confidence, took more risks, collaborated on decision making, empathised with characters and discovered different perspectives.

‘It made me be more comfortable being ‘me’ around others. Yeah, it helped my confidence heaps and it was something I really enjoyed!’ – Yr 4 Student

$1,500 for 1 teacher
$2,690 for 2 teachers (per school)

Subsidy is available for a limited number of schools in 2018.

For more information about School Drama™ please contact our Education Manager Kimberley Martin on (08) 8415 5314 or by e-mail