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Student & Teacher Workshops

State Theatre Company has an extensive Workshop program for students and teachers of both Drama and English. Expert teaching artists can visit your school at a time to suit your schedule – check below for workshops currently available.

State Theatre Company can also run bespoke workshop tailored to the needs of you or your students. We can work with our industry-leading artists to create workshops on almost any topic, from script writing and acting technique to direction and technical production. Contact us to discuss your needs.

For booking enquiries please email or call 08 8415 5333.

Our 2019 Workshop program will be announced shortly. To learn more about our school holiday Summer School program with Dan Aubin, click here.


  • 2018 State Theatre Company Teacher Professional Development

    In 2018, State Theatre Company has offered three unique opportunities for educators to engage with artists and industry professionals and obtain certified Professional Development hours. The first two workshops were held earlier in 2018; the final workshop will be held in November (details below).


    Drama, English, Dance, Creative Arts or Physical Education teachers of all year levels.Suitable for those studying to teach, early career educators or those with more experience looking to refresh their skills.


    Term 4 Week 7 | Monday 26 November, 10am – 1pm | Led by Dan Aubin from Daring Humans.

    You’ve got a decent starting point. An awkward question. A story that makes you laugh. A memory that is probably a lie. And then what? How might you move forward? This theatre-making workshop is a chance to dive into a range of devising methods, including task-based creating. Gain confidence and practical skills in making theatre to exist in non-traditional spaces and learn how to empower students’ storytelling and stretch their creative capacity by exploring ideas in new ways. Create contemporary theatre with students while developing their understanding of the art-form and their world.

    Click here to download the booking form or call us on 8415 5333.

    Previous 2018 Teacher Professional Development Workshops


    Term 1 Week 3 | Tuesday 13 February, 10am – 1pm | Led by Terrence Crawford.

    A professional actor and the Head of Acting at Adelaide College of the Arts, Terrence is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected performers and teachers. In this session you will participate as actors in an acting class, unlocking some of the mysteries and confusions surrounding key Stanislavskian concepts. We will dismantle the idea of the Objective, and invite the imagination to take the lead. Terence will also respond to whatever questions or concerns about acting theory.


    Term 2 Week 3 | Monday 14 May, 10am – 1pm | Led by State Theatre Company’s Artistic Director Geordie Bookman and Deputy Production Manager Gabrielle Hornhardt.

    Gain an understanding of how a professional company runs rehearsals and performances from both directorial and stage management perspectives, and learn about our rehearsal process in order to make the most out of your school’s own rehearsal schedule. You’ll develop strategies to allow your students to experiment, devise and take ownership of their work efficiently and within a structured timeline. The workshop will allow you plenty of time to ask any questions you might have about structure, process and directing and receive advice from two of South Australia’s leading industry professionals.

  • Our 2018 workshop program has now closed. See below for examples of workshops we’ve run in the past. We’ll announce our 2019 Workshop Program shortly.

    2018 State Theatre Company Ensemble Workshops

    Led by the members of State Theatre Company’s Ensemble, this is your student’s opportunity to learn from some of the state’s leading actors.

    Available Dates: 20– 22 March 2018

    Max numbers per workshop: 30 students

    Venue: In-schools

    Cost: $350 per workshop


    Discover the secrets of performing the work of the world’s greatest playwright.

    Led by Dale March with Rachel Burke / led by Anna Steen with Rashidi Edward.


    Learn the secrets to high precision comedic performance and approaches to improvisation.

    Led by Nathan O’Keefe and Miranda Daughtry.


    Learn the building blocks of the legendary acting technique used by Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood and others.

    Led by Michael Chekhov association international faculty member Dale March.


    Learn the secrets of projection, diction and making the most out of an actors greatest instrument, their voice.

    Led by Anna Steen.


    Learn the basics of rehearsing a scene from page to stage.

    Led by members of the Ensemble.


    Introduction to Laban 

    Come and see Terrestrial in the Space theatre then stay for a workshop led by the director! Nescha Jelk will run workshops around movement practitioner Rudolph Laban and his eight efforts including ways to utilise his methods in performance and devising theatre.

    Available dates: Mon 28 – Wed 30 May 1pm in the

    Max number of students: 30

    Venue: State Theatre Company Rehearsal Room, Adelaide Festival Centre.

    Cost: $30 per student.

  • Our 2019 Work Experience dates will be announced shortly.

    The program will provides a limited number of high school students with a comprehensive introduction to the operations of a professional theatre company and a chance to spend time with artistic, production, marketing and administration staff.