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Off Stage: After Dinner

Our next Off Stage party kicks off after After Dinner on Friday 13 April.

Simply add an Off Stage pass when you book tickets for 13 April and you’ll be transported to our exclusive VIP after-party where you’ll rub shoulders with the artists at our secret location and, of course, the drinks are on us.

If you’re under 30, the whole lot will cost you just $58 (and if you’re not, just add the $25 pass to your regular ticket purchase).

Book now for our Off Stage event on Friday 13 April

After Dinner

A knock out comedy from master playwright Andrew Bovell (The Secret River, Things I Know To Be True) following five eccentric lonely hearts in a 1980s pub bistro. Get ready to party like its 1989.

Paula, Dympie and Monika are, in the words of Roxette, Sweden’s greatest export, “dressed for success”. Primped, preened and ready to rumble, they are up for anything and, perhaps, anyone. Except that is for Stephen and Gordon, the alpha male and nerdy no-hoper at the table next to them.

Over the course of the night bad dance moves are on display, friendships are tested and the map of the human heart is crisscrossed. Led by the brilliant Jude Henshall (Mr Burns, A Post-Electric Play, Comedy of Errors) and Elena Carapetis (Summer of the Seventeenth Doll) After Dinner will leave you rolling in the aisles.

‘A light comedy, sure, but this is no souffle. After Dinner sends you home feeling full and satisfied’

Sydney Morning Herald