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The Gospel According to Paul – Slide Detail


During The Gospel According to Paul a series of 54 slides are projected by the character, Paul Keating, in a tongue-in-cheek presentation of an old-fashioned slide night. They are mostly black and white. Many are blurry and over-exposed. Some are professional portraits. Others are candid shots. Some are mid shots. Others are taken from quite far away and the detail is indistinct. The content ranges from places in Paul’s childhood in Bankstown, in western Sydney, in 1940’s through to people in his political life in Australian Federal politics up until the 1990’s.

Some slides remain on the screen for a minute or two, while others are only briefly flashed onto the screen. Often the screen goes blank in-between.

Paul refers to all but the second slide which he skips over immediately to get to the third

1. Bankstown ‘44 – a faded photo of streetscape featuring an ornate, two storey shopfront.
2. This slide is skipped over. We can assume it’s also of Bankstown but we don’t know. Because he skips it before the scene is evident. It is an indistinct shot of houses taken from a moderately high point.
3. Keating family home- A indistinct photo of a small, double fronted fibro house, fronted by a porch at the front door, and a white wooden fence in the foreground.
4. Keating’s Uncle Bill – A formal portrait of a young man with dark hair, wearing an army uniform and slouch hat looking into the camera
5. De La Salle College – An over-exposed photo of the college with statue of St. John the Baptist in the foreground. The bell tower and part of the building can be seen in the background.
6. Matthew Keating – Father: an informal photo of a young man in his 30’s in a three piece woollen suit with tie and high collar
7. Band Hall at Bankstown – an elevated view of a white, single-storey plain long building with pitched roof and three chimneys
8. Ilsa Konrads – a candid photo of a smiling young woman with a pointy chin and short, wet hair. She looks into the camera
9. Bankstown Pool – a faraway, indistinct view of an outdoor olympic-sized pool, with fence surround, hills behind and a small, white pavilion on the left
10. Minnie Keating – Mother – mid shot of young woman with wavy dark hair wearing a flat cloth hat and jacket, over a white blouse.
11. Keating Grandmother – A slightly over-exposed mid shot of an older woman wearing a brimmed hat, dressed in white clothes. She is standing, smiling at a baby about 8 months old that resting on her hip.
12. Blurry Upside down School group – Three rows of young boys aged about 13 years old. The photo has been inserted upside down into the carousel.
13. The Old QVB Building – part of edifice of a large, stately building with ornate windows and pillars
14. Sir John Bunting – professional portrait of a man with a square face, short slicked down hair parted to one side and a prominent nose; wearing suit and tie.
15. Public Servants group in a bar -indistinct photo of a group of people in a bar
16. Jack Lang – informal, profile photo of older man in grey suit and tie with receding hairline and comb-over, thick greying moustache, lighting up a pipe
17. Jack Lang – an indistinct photo of Jack Lang sitting at a desk looking straight at us. A book open on the desk which is covered with papers, pens and a candle stick rotary dial telephone. In the background is a clock on a mantelpiece
18. Austin Healy 100/6 car – two door, low sports car convertible. A sleek long hood, rounded headlights, dark paintwork with chrome trim.
19. The Ramrods – an indistinct shot of two young men standing close, one in front of the other in dark jackets, white shirts and short hair playing electric guitars.
20. Bee Gees – A faded, indistinct photo of two young men facing us, singing into a mike on a stand, one has one arm raised. A guitarist stands in the background
21. Tom Jones – mid shot portrait of a man in his mid-20’s with thick, short, dark curly hair, singing into a mike. He wears a black dinner jacket over a white shirt
22. Harold Holt smiling – A mid shot of an older man with fair complexion. His hair is obscured by a mask & snorkel, pushed back on his head. He is wearing a wet suit and holding a fish by its fins.
23. E type Jag – Classic sports car
24. JFK campaign poster – poster includes a publicity portrait of a smiling John Kennedy in the centre with “KENNEDY FOR PRESIDENT” above and “LEADERSHIP FOR THE 60’s below.
25. Keating’s bus – Side view of a white 1960’s bus parked on a slight incline with indistinct writing on the side. A young man with dark hair, in a suit and tie, jacket unbuttoned, stands next to the front wheel.
26. Hotel Kurrajong – A faraway view of a series of two storey buildings. A curved driveway leads up to a large, undercover entrance.
27. Old Parliament house – an over-exposed shot of a two storey, wide, white building with regular spaced windows on both floors. A grassy, open field in the foreground.
28. Wran & colleagues – A diagonal line of four smiling men of varying ages in suits and ties.
29. Lionel Bowen – A candid mid shot of a man with broad shoulders, in dark suit and tie, with fair hair and complexion and a receding hairline
30. Rex Connor – A candid shot of a seated older man with greying receding hair. He is in white shirt, dark tie, and trouser braces, looking down and pointing to something unseen.
31. Gough Whitlam – A candid mid shot of man with thick, windblown fair hair, dark, arched eyebrows and square jaw, wearing a fitted t-shirt with IT’S TIME in large letters on the front.
32. Gough & Lance Barnard – Two suited middle-aged men sitting in discussion. Each holding note books.
33. Jim Cairns – An informal portrait of a middle aged man with fair complexion and fair hair brushed back neatly. He gazes to his left.
34. Sir John Kerr – A candid headshot of older man wearing a top hat and formal attire in an outdoor setting. He has heavy-set features, white wavy hair, and a grim expression.
35. Jack McEwen – A mid shot of a tall, gaunt, suited man with a receding hairline. He is standing outdoors speaking into a mike held in front of his face by someone else.
36. Doug Anthony – A publicity portrait of a smiling man with fair complexion and light smiling eyes. Fair hair brushed neatly to one side. He wears a suit and tie.
37. Reg Withers – A publicity portrait of a smiling man with thick, dark hair brushed back. He wears a suit and tie
38. A snapshot of Australian actor Garry McDonald in character as Norman Gunston – a reedy pale man with slicked down hair. He has tissue bits stuck to his face and grins broadly at us. Further back and to his left is Gough Whitlam wearing a suit and broad smile. Gough waves to an unseen crowd
39. A faded image of Paul and Gough standing together. Paul is using a megaphone, while Glough adjusts his tie
40. Gough – An over exposed, indistinct candid photo of Gough Whitlam on a raised platform speaking into a megaphone. He is looking out at an unseen crowd.
41. Malcolm Fraser – an unsmiling publicity portrait of a middle aged man with dark hair and eyes, straight nose and mouth.
42. Bill Hayden – A candid indistinct photo of Paul Keating and Bill Hayden walking together. Bill wears a Safari suit.
43. Bill – Portrait of a smiling middle-aged man standing in front of a bookcase crammed with books. He has fair hair, a fair complexion, dark eyes and light framed glasses. He is wearing a dark suit and spotted tie.
44. Hawke wearing speedos – A three quarter length colour snapshot of an older man with thick, grey hair and glasses, a fit tanned body and red speedo bathers. The swimming costume leaves little to the imagination.
45. Howard – a candid photo of a man in his 30’s seated, holding his hands close together in front of him. He has dark-rimmed glasses, and dark, receding hair.
46. John Stone – Publicity photo of older man with receding hairline, dark eyes, dark-rimmed glasses, fair complexion and a straight, closed mouth
47. Hawke’s Cabinet – an informal and indistinct snapshot of Bob Hawke’s Cabinet ministers standing on a wide set of stairs. White men in suits and ties, with one dark-haired woman in the middle
48. HAWKE – An action mid shot photo of Bob Hawke in motion playing cricket. He is in cricket whites. His body is twisted with the bat over his left shoulder, and his head is thrown awkwardly backwards.
49. Peacock– A blurry mid shot of two middle aged men in suits smiling, looking right, to someone unseen. The man on the left is fair while the man on the right is shorter with a dark comb-over, eye glasses and dark slightly wild eyebrows
50. Kelty – Bill Kelty, an earnest looking man with a chubby, round face, high forehead and a full head of curly white hair looks straight down the lens of the camera.
51. Slide of a grim-faced Bob – A grim-faced Bob Hawke in dark suit jacket and tie, arms folded.
52. Hewson – A smiling publicity portrait of a man in his late 30’s with dark hair, notably receding. He has fair eyes and complexion, wearing a dark suit and striped tie.
53. Keating/Redfern – An indistinct shot from faraway of a man on a raised outdoor stage standing at a lectern talking into a microphone. Back view of some people milling around in the foreground.
54. Howard – A mid shot of John and Janette Howard standing together, smiling broadly. He is waving. Janette wears a white jacket with lapels. John is bald on top with tufted grey hair at the sides, wearing glasses, suit and tie. Several people are huddled behind them, applauding.