Access Program

At State Theatre Company South Australia, we believe theatre is for everybody. We’re committed to giving all South Australians the opportunity to experience theatre through our access program, which includes wheelchair access, AUSLAN interpretation, captioning, audio description and audio enhancement. To increase accessibility, we also offer pay-what-you-can tickets to matinee and Wednesday evening performances. More information is available in the “Access and Performance Types” section below.

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To sign up to our access email list, please send your name, contact number and area of interest (audio description, AUSLAN interpretation, captioning, etc.) to

2021 Access Performances

  • At AUSLAN performances, an interpreter will stand to the side of the stage and translate the dialogue live.

    2021 AUSLAN Interpreted Performances
    The Boy Who Talked To Dogs: Saturday 13 March, 6:30pm

    The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race: Saturday 12 June, 2pm

  • Captioned performances are offered for select performances in the Dunstan Playhouse. Dialogue is displayed in real time on screens next to the stage during captioned performances.

    2021 Captioned Performances
    The Gospel According To Paul: Wednesday 28 April 11am and 6:30pm
    Hibernation: Wednesday 25 August 11am and 6:30pm
    Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?: Wednesday 6 October 11am and 6:30pm
    Eureka Day: Wednesday 24 November 11am and 6:30pm

  • A Biodynamic Hearing System is available at the Dunstan Playhouse and Space Theatre for patrons requiring hearing assistance. Transmitter packs are available to borrow from the BASS Box Office in the Dunstan Playhouse foyer 30 minutes before the performance. You may also bring your own headphones.

    How to Book
    Audio enhancement does not need to be indicated when booking. Subscriptions are now on sale online or via BASS on 131 246.

  • At audio described performances, patrons receive an earpiece connected to a small radio receiver through which a specially trained describer explains the action that is happening onstage. The describer will deliver the description when there are breaks in the dialogue onstage so as not to disrupt the narrative for the audience.

    Pre-show briefings are held one hour prior to audio described performances. The briefing allows patrons to take a tactile tour of the show with an opportunity to touch costumes and, where possible, to walk on the stage to get a sense of the set. Participants also meet the actors and hear the voices they will be using for their characters. To participate in a pre-show briefing, meet in the foyer of the performance venue an hour before the show is due to begin.

    2021 Audio Described Performances and Pre-Show Briefings
    The Boy Who Talked To Dogs:
    Thursday 11 March, 5.30pm (briefing), 6.30pm (performance with post-show Q and A)
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    The Gospel According to Paul:
    Tuesday 27 April, 5.30pm (briefing), 6.30pm (performance with post-show Q and A)
    Saturday 2 May, 1pm (briefing), 2pm (performance)
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    The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race:
    Saturday 12 June, 1pm (briefing), 2pm (performance) – Click here to purchase tickets
    CANCELLED: Tuesday 15 June, 6:30pm 

    Saturday 21 August, 1pm (briefing), 2pm (performance)
    Monday 23 August, 5.30pm (briefing), 6.30pm (performance with post-show Q and A)
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    Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?:
    Tuesday 5 October, 5.30pm (briefing), 6.30pm (performance with post-show Q and A)
    Saturday 9 October, 1pm (briefing), 2pm (performance with post-show Q and A)
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    Eureka Day:
    Saturday 20 November, 5.30pm (briefing), 6.30pm (performance)
    Monday 22 November, 1pm (briefing), 2pm (performance with post-show Q and A)
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    Please call 8415 5333 to book tickets.

  • We offer a complimentary companion ticket for Companion/Carer Card holders who attend performances with a patron requiring access support.

    How to Book
    Please call BASS on 131 246 to book access tickets and request a complimentary companion or carer ticket. You may be required to provide your companion or carer card number over the phone. Subscriptions are now on sale here or via BASS on 131 246; individual tickets are on sale here.

  • Pay-what-you-can tickets

    Pay-what-you-can tickets are available for people who hold a Healthcare Card, Pensioner Concession Card, full-time students or MEAA members. Simply donate a minimum of $5 to attend any matinee or Wednesday evening performance. Pay-what-you-can tickets can be purchased at the venue box office from 30 minutes prior to the performance and must be paid for via credit/debit card as the venues are now cashless meaning all tickets, food and beverages must be paid for using a credit/debit card.

    Please note: Pay-what-you-can tickets are subject to availability. We do not offer pay-what-you-can tickets to opening night performances. Pay-what-you-can tickets cannot be purchased in advance.

    Company Rush tickets
    Last minute tickets are available to all matinee and Wednesday evening performances at the box office 30 minutes before the show starts for only $35.

    Please note: Company Rush tickets are subject to availability and no other offers or conditions apply. Rush tickets will not be available to opening night performances.