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State Educate is designed to provide high school students and teachers with the opportunity to see professional live theatre, engage with the artists, creative team and cast involved, and participate in Q&A sessions held only for these shows. We also offer backstage tours, workshops associated with our State Educate productions and specifically tailored workshops to support classroom learning. Engaging with the professionals that you have just seen performing provides an insight to theatre-making that is hard to find elsewhere.

State Educate offers a variety of resources for students and teachers to help them get the most out of their theatrical experience, including filmed interviews with the cast and creative team to help gain an insight to the creative and rehearsal process.

The advantages of booking State Educate performances are:

  • Daytime performances specifically for high school students. Each play is followed by a Q&A with the cast.
  • Detailed study guides with in-depth information on key themes, dramatic style, characters and design elements. Study guides also include assignment questions for continued learning back at school.
  • Tours of our annual Education Show to provide access to theatre for students in the wider metropolitan area, rural towns and regional centres.

To book a 2020 State Educate performance for your school, please check performance availability and complete the 2020 State Educate Booking Form. Information about the Euphoria regional tour is available online here.

Please note that COVID-19 restrictions have led to the cancellation of a number of planned 2020 State Educate performances listed in the booking form. Please see our announcement for further details.

If you have any questions, please email education@statetheatrecompany.com.au.

2020 State Educate Shows

  • Performances cancelled. Please see our announcement for further details.

    State Theatre Company South Australia and Adina Apartment Hotels presents the La Boite Theatre Company production

    Single Asian Female

    by Michelle Law

    Inside the Golden Phoenix, a humble Chinese restaurant on the Sunshine Coast, two generations of Wong women stand at a crossroads. Mei is a teenager grappling with her identity and getting ready for her school formal; while Zoe is eternally single and having a quarter-life crisis after some seriously terrible dates. At the centre of it all is Pearl, the whip-smart, brutally honest matriarch of the family. But Pearl is harbouring a secret that could change their lives forever.

    Michelle Law’s (Homecoming Queens) riotous family comedy bursts onto the stage after sold out seasons around the nation. Brilliantly funny and incisive, Single Asian Female is a heart-warming story about love, family and karaoke from one of Australia’s most exciting writers.

    Schools Shows at Dunstan Playhouse
    Thursday 30 April, 10.30am
    Monday 4 May, 10.30am

    Cast & Creatives
    Director: Claire Christian
    Set & Costume Designer: Moe Assaad
    Lighting Designer: Keith Clark
    Sound Designer: Wil Hughes
    With: Jing-Xuan Chan, Patrick Jhanur, Tatum Mottin, Courtney Stewart, Hsiao-Ling Tang

    Guidelines & Content
    Run Time: Approx. 2 hours and 20 minutes, incl. interval
    Content Guide: Strong language and adult themes
    Age Guide: 15+
    Curriculum Links: Drama, Creative Arts, English, Chinese (background language)

  • Performances cancelled. Please see our announcement for further details.

    State Theatre Company South Australia and Country Arts SA, in association with Flinders University present


    by Emily Steel

    Meg is busy and she’d rather not be. But sometimes she can’t help it. She’s holding a town meeting and her ex-student Ethan is there. He hasn’t got a job…he can’t help that either. She wants to start a new festival to celebrate everything their little country town has to offer. It’s going to be called “Euphoria”, which means “happiness”. And they should be happy, shouldn’t they?

    With the festival barrelling towards them, Meg and Ethan come face to face with the darkest parts of themselves as the past collides with the present. Informed by real conversations between playwright Emily Steel and regional South Australian communities, Euphoria is a gently moving new work that will see audiences come together for a town meeting they’ll never forget.

    Schools Shows at Space Theatre
    Friday 22 May, 10.30am
    Monday 25 May, 10.30am
    Tuesday 26 May, 10.30am
    Wednesday 27 May, 10.30am
    Thursday 28 May, 10.30am

    Metropolitan and regional tour dates are available online here.

    Cast & Creatives
    Director: Nescha Jelk
    Set & Costume Designer: Meg Wilson
    Lighting Designer: Alexander Ramsay
    Sound Designer: Andrew Howard
    With: Ashton Malcolm, James Smith

    Guidelines & Content
    Run Time: Approx 80 minutes, no interval
    Content Guide: Mature adult themes, including the discussion of mental health issues and strong coarse language
    Age Guide: 15+
    Curriculum Links: Drama, English, Creative Arts, Health, Psychology

  • Performances cancelled. Please see our announcement for further details.

    State Theatre Company South Australia presents the Sydney Theatre Company production

    The 7 Stages of Grieving

    by Wesley Enoch & Deborah Mailman

    One woman walks onstage to tell the stories of her people. Stories of survival. Of heartbreak. Of loss and of love. It is her story and she’s giving it to you.

    Wesley Enoch and Deborah Mailman’s The 7 Stages of Grieving is an Australian masterpiece. In this reimagined production directed by Shari Sebbens, Helpmann Award-winner Elaine Crombie paints a rich portrait of the different phases of Aboriginal history in what is sure to be another of her tour de force performances.

    Defiantly funny and deeply moving, The 7 Stages of Grieving is an invitation to join hands, to grieve, to reflect on our past and look to the future.

    Schools Shows at Space Theatre
    Friday 26 June, 10.30am
    Monday 29 June, 10.30am
    Tuesday 30 June, 10.30am
    Wednesday 1 July, 10.30am
    Thursday 2 July, 10.30am

    Cast & Creatives
    Director: Shari Sebbens
    Set & Costume Designer: Elizabeth Gadbsy
    Associate Designer: Tyler Ray Hawkins
    Lighting Designer: Mark Pennington
    Composer & Sound Designer: Steve Francis
    With: Elaine Crombie

    Guidelines & Content
    Run Time: Approx. 60 minutes
    Content Guide: Adult references to death and dying. Supernatural themes and theatricalised violence.
    Age Guide: 15+
    Curriculum Links: Aboriginal Studies, Drama, English, History, Religion Studies

  • State Theatre Company South Australia presents 


    by Patrick Hamilton

    “Gaslight (verb): A form of psychological manipulation where a person seeks to make a targeted individual or group question their own memory, perception and sanity.”

    Bella Manningham is on edge. She’s hearing footsteps in the night, pictures are moving by themselves and the gaslights in the drawing room dim without even a touch. Her husband is constantly disappearing. He tells her she may be mad and she starts to believe him… As her grip on reality begins to slip, she finds herself in the middle of a mystery most foul.

    A mind-bending Victorian thriller, Patrick Hamilton’s Gaslight is the stuff of legend. Written in 1938 and spawning the 1944 film starring Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer, director Catherine Fitzgerald brings this classic creepshow storming into 2020 in a production that sees it become more vital than ever.

    Schools Shows at Dunstan Playhouse
    Thursday 10 September, 10.30am
    Monday 14 September, 10.30am

    Cast & Creatives
    Director: Catherine Fitzgerald
    Set & Costume Designer: Ailsa Paterson
    Lighting Designer: Nic Mollison
    Sound Designer: Andrew Howard
    With: Eileen Darley, Ellen Freeman, Ksenja Logos, Nathan O’Keefe, Katherine Sortini

    Guidelines & Content
    Run Time: Approx. 2 hours (TBC)
    Content Guide: Mild adult themes
    Age Guide: 14+
    Curriculum Links: Drama, English, Psychology, Women’s Studies

  • To book a 2020 State Educate schools show for your students, please check performance availability and complete the 2020 State Educate Booking Form.

    Information about how to book for the Euphoria regional tour is available online here.

    If you have any questions, please email education@statetheatrecompany.com.au or call Education Manager Fiona Lukac on 8415 5307.

  • A teacher subscription can range between 4-8 plays, but must include at least four of the 2020 schools shows. Teachers participating in this program will receive a Certificate of Attendance for up to 17 hours of professional development. Contact us when you subscribe online to register, or tick the teacher subscription box on the booking form to choose this package.

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