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Student & Teacher Workshops

Our State Educate program includes a wide variety of workshops for both students and teachers.

We run bespoke, on-demand student workshops tailored to the needs of your class and held at your school. We work with industry-leading artists to create workshops on topics from script writing and acting technique, to direction and technical production. We draw on a wide pool of talented professional artists and are happy to talk about any workshop topic ideas you might have for your classroom.

Teacher workshops are held throughout the school year on a variety of topics. These workshops are suitable for Drama, English, Dance, Creative Arts or Physical Education teachers of all year levels and count towards teacher Professional Development hours. Education students, new teachers and seasoned educators are all welcome to attend.

For more information, please email education@statetheatrecompany.com.au or call 08 8415 5333.

On-Demand Student Workshops

Our on-demand student workshops are designed to bring theatre professionals into the classroom where students feel comfortable, and work can be tailored to cover the current studies of the students. These workshops can be one-off or part of a series, cover a wide variety of topics, and are held on-site at schools for the convenience of teachers and students.

The following are some of the workshops we’re able to offer on demand:

  • Absurd Theatre
  • Accent Work
  • Acting
  • Brecht
  • Commedia Dell’arte
  • Chekhov
  • Characterisation
  • Dramaturgy
  • Directing
  • Musical Theatre
  • Physical Theatre
  • Shakespeare
  • Vocal Work.

Other workshop topics may also be available.

Cost: $380 for up to 24 students

IOED 1-4 schools contact us for a per student price.

For more information about student workshops or to discuss other potential topics, please email education@statetheatrecompany.com.au

Teacher Workshops

Teacher workshops on a range of topics are offered by State Theatre Company South Australia every year. We draw on professionals in the industry to share their expertise with teachers in ways that can be passed along to students in the classroom.

Enquiries can be directed to our Education Manager, Fiona Lukac, via email education@statetheatrecompany.com.au or phone 08 8415 5333.


June 17th – Directing Fundamentals: Directing for your students with Corey McMahon. Held at the Lion Studio Rehearsal room 9.30am – 1.30pm $130
Across the 4 hour session, teachers will gain insight into the fundamentals of directing a play – from basic script analysis to the final run in the rehearsal room.

The workshop will cover:

Breaking down and analysing your play (and how this work will make your job easier when you start rehearsing!)

How to set up your rehearsal room and rehearsal fundamentals for young actors

The 3 phases of rehearsing: identifying the raw materials of a scene, detailing your discoveries, refining and consolidating the play

Tips for a smooth tech week and season

Corey McMahon is a director and producer based in Adelaide. He trained at Flinders University Drama Centre, graduating in 2006. He subsequently completed his Master of Creative Arts in Directing, also at the Drama Centre. He is the Artistic Director of Theatre Republic. His credits there include The Garden, How Not To Make It In America, Future: Present, The Bleeding Tree, Lines and Nil by Mouth.

August 2nd – Devising Theatre with Astrid Pill. Held at the Lion Studio Rehearsal room 9.30am – 1.30pm $130
During the workshop participants will undergo the process of creating and accumulating moments of performance through task setting, posing questions, conversation and improvisation. Extending ideas, sorting, abandoning material and making connections will also be explored.

Participants will be encouraged to respond to some tasks quite laterally, thinking outside of modes of performance, coming up with starting points that might be unexpected but may yield great things! (Or not!). The work will be physical at times but is absolutely appropriate for all ages and abilities. Please dress in comfortable clothes and either wear sneakers or be willing to take your shoes off.

Astrid Pill is a performance artist and teacher who loves devising new works that encompass dark comedy and pathos. She has worked with most SA companies and many collaborators, including enduring connections with Restless Dance Theatre, Vitalstatistix, Patch Theatre and Ingrid Voorendt/Zoe Barry. With Barry and Voorendt, Astrid has made 5 new works including the award winning Cake which toured nationally and was adapted for ABC’s airplay. With Jason Sweeney on board, the trio recently premiered I Hide In Bathrooms to sold out audiences at the 2024 Adelaide Festival to critical acclaim. She is currently developing an experimental new work – Peter Out, The Obsolete – seeded through a residency at The Mill.

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