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Corporate Workshops

Step into the spotlight and present like a star!

Our new program of public speaking and communications training sessions, tailored for corporate organisations, will help professionals perform and communicate in a more polished and meaningful way.

Learn the techniques and skills used on stage by trained actors to build the confidence needed to pitch, present and perform in a corporate environment.

Developed in association with actor, teacher and now corporate trainer Matt Hyde, our training programs are based on a core skill set used by State Theatre Company South Australia performers and are designed to bring out the natural confidence, authenticity and presence within your team.

Our actors are trained to engage and connect with audiences and to influence them in a positive way – this is when real communication takes place. Our workshops will unlock your team’s emotional intelligence, offer insights into how key elements such as breathing, body language and voice play a key part in both everyday communication and high-level presentations.

There are no cliched formulas or predictable slide presentations. Instead, our training draws on the particular strengths of each individual, works to enhance those strengths and guide participants to make the most of their natural abilities.

The workshops are an investment in your teams and an investment in your organisation’s brand.

Coporate Workshops

See examples below of what can be offered to your team – each workshop can be tailored for your individual needs. We offer workshop packages from two hours to one day and these can be delivered in one of State Theatre Company South Australia’s rehearsal rooms or at a location of your choosing.

To register your interest or to find out more information, please contact us at:
E: reception@statetheatrecompany.com.au
P: 08 8415 5333


  • Managing nerves and anxiety is the secret to being a great performer. This course will teach the skills and techniques required to be a confident speaker, including effective delivery methods, mental and physical skills to keep you calm and grounded in any situation.

    The training is practical and will have participants on their feet delivering a series of short presentations to test their new skills. Our approach is flexible and will always be specifically tailored towards the needs of your business and team members.

    Highlights include:

    • How to speak from a place of strength and confidence in line with personal values and workplace culture.
    • How to adjust the style of communications based on need and situation.
    • Understanding physical and vocal barriers and how to overcome them.
    • Diaphragmatic breathing to support and produce a strong, confident vocal sound.
    • Understand and maximise the 5 P’s of vocal delivery – pitch, pace, pause, projection and passion.
    • How to use and read body language appropriately.
  • Actors are storytellers. Discover the power of storytelling and explore the creative techniques used by performers and theatre makers in order to hook your audience. Storytelling is now the essential skill for anyone who needs to communicate effectively with customers, clients, leaders or peers. This course will use practical exercises to ensure you can connect with your audience on an emotional and logical basis.

    Highlights include:

    • The science of storytelling and how we are wired to receive and respond to stories.
    • The elements of storytelling such as plot, character, theme, conflict, language and how to create a compelling narrative.
    • How to identify storytelling opportunities when presenting.
    • Using these new skills within a business context and how to adapt them to suit a specific audience.
    • How to maximise the use of body and voice to deliver and sell a compelling narrative.
    • Tips and tools to use storytelling to captivate an audience and inspire them to take action.
  • Potentially tricky or damaging situations within the workplace will always require a difficult conversation. Many people try to avoid these uncomfortable encounters which can affect workplace morale and have other negative consequences. This training will equip participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to identify and manage problems at an early stage. Dealing
    with issues before they escalate can help earn the trust and respect of your colleagues.

    Using a professional State Theatre Company South Australia actor to role-play gives you the opportunity to try out new skills in real time,  gaining valuable feedback and insights into human behaviour.

    Highlights include:

    • How to recognise instinctive avoidance tactics and turn these into a confident and positive approach.
    • Recognising when a difficult conversation is needed and what you risk by ignoring the situation.
    • How to prepare for a difficult conversation both mentally and practically.
    • A clear 6 step approach to manage tension in the workplace.
    • Useful strategies to handle difficult emotions while developing skills in empathy, listening and clarity.
  • Audition your team before putting them on the frontline. Rehearsals are key to a great performance in any situation. Using our actors to role-play real life scenarios is a signature feature of this style of live and interactive training. It offers an unparalleled experience for all participants with all the intensity and emotion of an everyday encounter in a safe environment.

    Interactive training helps your team prepare for unfamiliar or difficult situations. Each scenario is specifically chosen to highlight workplace behaviours that are unique to your organisation. Honest and constructive feedback from the actor allows people to reflect on how their actions and behaviours impact others.

    Highlights include:

    • Understanding how and why people are likely to respond to different approaches and attitudes.
    • How to develop a sense of what people are really thinking and feeling in any given moment.
    • How to react effectively as situations evolve rather than being overwhelmed by events.
    • The tools to develop quick and instinctive reactions when dealing with customers or clients.
    • How to remain calm under pressure when dealing with conflict or emotionally charged circumstances.
  • Whether it’s Zoom, Skype or Teams, on-camera communication is now an essential part of business. Be a star on screen by learning the skills needed to engage effectively with your audience. Communicating online can lose its impact without making conscious choices to connect. This course will share the secrets of how to ‘warm-up’ and embrace technology with on-camera skills to keep the human connection alive and engaging.

    Highlights include:

    • The importance of lighting, sound and camera position.
    • How to make the camera work for you.
    • On-camera techniques to keep you confident, compelling and engaging.
    • Effective strategies to host and maintain control of an audio or visual conference.
    • Tips to ensure levels of engagement and energy are high and all individuals are taking part.
  • Taking a lead role is challenging in any business. Great leadership is admired and in demand. But it takes more than just strength and determination – you need that competitive edge to inspire and motivate your team to deliver. This course explores how to develop presence, gravitas and character, while maintaining a level of empathy. Strength and vulnerability aren’t mutually exclusive in great leaders and having an emotional intelligence is key to being more relatable. Nothing will accelerate your career faster or develop change within your organisation than magnifying these leadership qualities. This highly personal training is tailored to your circumstances and will have you looking and sounding like the leader your team needs you to be.

    Highlights include:

    • Exploring personal barriers and how to unblock physical and mental restrictions.
    • How to develop strong physical and vocal techniques to build a natural presence and compelling gravitas.
    • The importance of developing emotional intelligence, empathy, courage, vulnerability and a framework for difficult conversations.
    • Exploring different communication styles and how each can be adapted depending on audience and circumstance.
    • How to structure key information in a way that is engaging and motivates a team to action.
    • How to adapt leadership style to align with core values and organisational culture.
    • Techniques to manage nerves and anxiety in high pressured situations.
  • One-on-one coaching is the ideal way to work at a faster and more intense pace. Each session is flexible to meet your current demands, challenges or upcoming event. You have the benefit of learning in a private environment where all discussions are confidential allowing honest, open and supportive conversations and feedback.

  • It’s never easy to ‘break-the-ice’ at corporate team building days. The wrong approach can sometimes be a painful experience, getting your event off to a bad start which can be hard to recover from. We offer the perfect opening for any team building event which will get people energised – communicating and connecting without the typical corporate games and activities. Whether it’s a hackathon, corporate or social event, we’ll ensure your team is inspired and excited about the day ahead while acquiring essential communication skills to take away.

About our trainer

Matt Hyde

Matt Hyde trained as an actor at Arts Educational Schools, London and enjoyed a 20 year career spanning theatre, film and TV while also transferring his skills to the world of business communication. Matt created his company Speakers Corner when he was asked to help train the London Metropolitan Police in their communication techniques.

Matt has gone on to work with clients such as Mercedes-Benz, SA Water, Spotless Group at The Royal Adelaide Hospital, Telstra, Fuller, Police Health, GPEx, Journey Beyond, Big Screen Video, Farquhar Kitchens, Rheem, London Metropolitan Police, National Crime Agency, British Transport Police, National Health Service, Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital.

He brings his training as an actor to the forefront of all his courses. Matt is dedicated to training and coaching individuals to stand out from the crowd and deliver their messages in a clear, confident and authentic way.