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Blue Community Night

Blue Community Night

Join a Community Night performance of Blue by Thomas Weatherall presented by State Theatre Company South Australia at the Scott Theatre, University of Adelaide.


Wednesday 6 March
8:00pm – Run time approx 1 hour 20 minutes
Scott Theatre, University of Adelaide


Mark has always wanted to be a writer. His mum’s a writer too, and together they’d spend hours reading and writing in their garden. When Mark moves into his first share flat, he and his mum stay connected by exchanging letters. When Mark one day receives a letter with some painful news, he seeks solace in the sea – the source of his fondest yet most agonising memories.

Learn more about the production here.


State Theatre Company South Australia’s Community Night program aims to make mainstage theatre more accessible to First Nations and culturally diverse audiences. We offer regular Community Nights or Special Offers to invite First Nations and culturally diverse audiences to experience our productions. If you know someone who would like to sign up and receive an invitation in future, please direct them to complete this form.


Due to limited availability, each registration is valid for one ticket and we are not able to accommodate guests for this performance.