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Behind the Scenes with Antigone

Last week the cast and crew of Antigone bumped in to The Odeon theatre to get ready for the weekend’s first preview. Take a glimpse behind-the-scenes to see what really goes on in the rehearsal room.

Antigone director Anthony Nicola

“We’ve all become so close in this rehearsal room,” Director Anthony Nicola says. “The content of this play is very hard and challenging, so we strive to keep the room as fun and playful as possible.”

Playwright Elena Carapetis (The Gods Of Strangers, Gorgon) brings the first heroine of western drama raging into the 21st century in this cheeky, anarchic and subverted take on one of the world’s most revered classic plays. From Ancient Greece to the modern-day, this kaleidoscopic collection of vignettes will make your head spin and leave your jaw on the floor.

“We all have a great sense of humour and this is reflected wonderfully throughout the production,” says Anthony. Far from the classic Antigone, this is a rejection of the patriarchy, a love letter to girls and pop princesses, and a tribute to every Antigone reincarnated, from Malala to Emma to AOC to Greta.

“We’ve created a show that is funny, dark, provocative, and very original. You haven’t seen anything quite like this!”

Antigone is generously supported by the Commissioning Collective, an donor group that provides an opportunity to nurture new, emerging and established writers, artists, directors, designers and technical crew, and commission original plays and new adaptations for South Australian audiences.

Learn more about the history of the Commissioning Collective or join this incredible donor group for a $1500 tax-deductible donation.