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On-set with Girl From the North Country

Our workshop and wardrobe staff have been hard at work building the set and making the costumes for Girl From the North Country. Get up close and personal with a special behind the scenes look at this magnificent set, that will send Her Majesty’s Theatre back to the 1930s when this hit musical arrives later this month. 

This March, the curtain at Her Majesty’s Theatre goes up on the Broadway hit Girl From the North Country. Our workshop team has again pulled out all the stops to complete a massive build for the show, which premiered in Australia at the recent Sydney Festival.

Our hugely talented production team has put in long hours to create the set – a 1934 Minnesota guesthouse that’s seen better days.

Our props coordinator Stuart Crane has driven all over Adelaide with a prop list that’s more than 100 pages long. Prop gathering has been a collective effort, with stage manager Bridget Samuel even loaning her beloved vintage Women’s Weekly collection to the department.

Kellie Jones and her wardrobe team have been working hard on 1930s style costumes, including a bespoke vintage cardigan knitted by Enken Hagge.

What hasn’t been handmade has either been sourced from our own stock, or online – Kellie found a great 1930s style motorcycle jacket on the sales rack at Myer that will be making an appearance.

To ensure clothing looks weathered, with an authentic 1930s feel, the wardrobe team has been getting out the sandpaper and breaking down the fabrics to give them a vintage feel.

Everything is handled with great care, as these costumes must last nine months while the show tours around Australia.

Your support goes directly to helping us create monumental, beautiful, and striking sets and costumes for each production.

All donations, big and small, help us create magical sets that bring worlds to life on stage. Your gift goes towards the purchase of every nail, screw, plank of wood and paint brush used in our workshop.

Donations are invested into each wardrobe piece, from crinoline confection and sequinned jumpsuits, to scuffed overalls and a moth-eaten waistcoat, to create the look and atmosphere of worlds brought to life on stage.

See Girl From the North Country from 25 March – 10 April at Her Majesty’s Theatre.