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As we approach the end of the financial year, we reflect on the incredible memories we’ve had the privilege of creating together at State Theatre Company South Australia over the last 12 months. We believe in the power of theatrical storytelling to unite, inspire, and uplift our community. Through captivating performances and thought-provoking productions, each show we’ve presented in the last year has contributed to a tapestry of moments that we cherish dearly, and we want to make more.

Your commitment to fostering theatre arts and preserving our cultural heritage is instrumental in sustaining the vibrancy of our community. We are dedicated to crafting theatre that lingers in the hearts and minds of our audiences, weaving together the fabric of our collective memories. Through our productions, we endeavour to celebrate and preserve the rich scope of South Australian stories, showcasing the unique narratives that define our identity.

We firmly believe that theatre has the power to enrich lives and forge emotional connections that transcend barriers. We want to continue creating spaces where audiences can find solace, inspiration, and joy in shared moments of theatrical magic.

Your support is crucial in ensuring the future sustainability of State Theatre Company South Australia, as together, we continue to delight our community through the transformative power of storytelling, creating more unforgettable experiences and reaching even more audiences with our work. We are committed also to ensuring that the transformative power of the arts is available to all members of our society.

Central to our ethos is our unwavering support of artists and creatives, providing a platform for their voices to be heard and their talents to be celebrated. By nurturing emerging talent and collaborating with established artists, we cultivate a dynamic cultural landscape that thrives on innovation and diversity.

This End of Financial Year, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to State Theatre Company South Australia and help us continue our mission of creating lasting memories for years to come. Your contribution will ensure that we can continue making phenomenal and transformative theatre.

Together, let’s create even more unique and powerful memories in the years ahead.

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Mitchell Butel
Artistic Director
Julian Hobba
Executive Director
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How your support counts

$100 6 tickets for disadvantaged students to see a show

$380 allows for a theatre skills workshop for secondary students

$1500 wigs for a mainstage play

$4500 live captioning and audio description for hearing and vision challenged patrons for one production

$10,000 one week of creative development for a new play