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Check out the snaps from Summer School

“Letting myself fully commit to the activity was a bit of a challenge at the start of the week, but as the week went on I felt safe enough to commit to the point of honest vulnerability.”
Summer School 2021 Student

What a wonderful week we have spent with an amazing group of young makers, all destined for a career in the arts. This is a great opportunity for young students to step outside of the school drama class and work with a professional to create and devise a piece of work.

This year the program was led by Ashton Malcolm (Euphoria, Guttered, How to Kill your Hamster, The Wolves, The Lighthouse and many more!) and wonderful guest presenters Ruth Fallon, Emily Steel and Hew Parham.

These programs, Winter and Summer School, help students connect with each other and further cement their interest and passion for following the arts.

Check out the the snaps of our Summer School 2021 below!

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