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Vale Paul Blackwell

Sometimes we are blessed just to share the spin of the Earth with someone.

Paul Blackwell was a unique soul, extraordinary talent and deeply humane being. One of the country’s best and most humble actors, here in South Australia we’ve been lucky enough to call him our own.
There are so many onstage moments that took the breath away. His high precision comic anarchy made my sides split in The Venetian Twins, he broke my heart in Chris Drummond’s beautiful production of When The Rain Stops Falling, he made my soul shake every single night in Things I Know To Be True and he combined all of these beautiful elements to quietly steal the show in Faith Healer. But that barely scratches the surface. An actor, a clown, an artist in every sense.
Offstage he was an example to us all. A wise guide for many young directors including myself, Nescha Jelk and Corey McMahon. Generous to his co performers and, simply, generous to the world that was lucky to hold him as long as it did.
Sometimes we are blessed. Paul was a gift to us all. We miss him fiercely. Our thoughts are with Lee-Anne and the entire Blackwell clan.

State Theatre Company Artistic Director