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Animal Farm

Season Finished
A blistering new one-man version of George Orwell's political classic.

Presented by State Theatre Company


Animal Farm is currently on tour with Dale March in the lead role.

The show will be performed at Riverside Theatre in Parramatta from 01 – 03 May and at Hothouse Theatre in Wodonga from 07 – 11 May.

Revolution is coming to Manor Farm.

Under the guidance of some rebellious pigs, a group of farm animals unite to drive out their cruel human oppressors and build utopia. But the swine are not as united as they appear and their division gives rise to a terrifying new system of power and repression.

Written in the 1940s as a response to the rise of authoritarian governments around the world, Animal Farm is a searing and timeless examination of extremist rule.

In his final production as Artistic Director, Geordie Brookman and the mercurial Renato Musolino join forces to create a scintillating take on one of the greatest stories of English literature. A sublime and unadorned piece of theatrical storytelling Animal Farm will see Musolino inhabit upwards of 20 characters, from the revolutionary pigs to the stoic draft horse and the tyrannical Mr Jones.

Animal Farm plays a strictly limited season. Seize your chance to be part of an exceptional changing of the guard at State Theatre Company.

Animal Farm contains loud sound effects, theatrical haze and adult themes.

Duration: Approximately 84 minutes (no interval)

Explore the Show

  • Our production of Orwell’s classic is not your typical adaptation. There isn’t a barnyard in sight. We created an illustrated guide to give you an insight into Geordie Brookman’s piercing new vision for Animal Farm.

    Read it here.

  • Geordie Brookman and Renato Musolino take a break from rehearsal to discuss how their adaptation of Orwell’s classic is going to take shape.

  • We chat to director Geordie Brookman and designer Bianka Kennedy about the process of bringing Animal Farm to the stage.

  • Renato Musolino talks about the process of creating multiple characters in a one-man performance.

  • Why has Orwell’s work remained evergreen in its commentary on contemporary politics? Was he some sort of soothsayer or was he just a particularly astute observer of our relationship to power? Using his famous essay Politics and the English Language, we explore some of the famous author’s ideas about our relationship to the powers that be to examine why, exactly, he is considered an all-seeing dystopian fortune teller.

    Read the full article here.

  • Director Geordie Brookman discusses the enduring relevance of George Orwell.

  • “As he lay dying in his tuberculosis sanatorium, Orwell, thinking his last novel was being misinterpreted, dictated its actual message to his publisher Fred Warburg. He said that a nightmare world like Nineteen Eighty-Four could happen if we let it. “Don’t let it happen,” he said, “it depends on you.” And that in some ways is the message to us.”

    Author Dennis Glover has written the book on George Orwell, two to be exact. We chat to him about Orwell’s contemporary relevance here.


Geordie Brookman

Assistant Director

Clara Solly-Slade


Bianka Kennedy

Lighting Designer

Alexander Ramsay

Composition and Sound Design

Andrew Howard

Cast Includes

Renato Musolino

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