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Plant 1, Bowden
There’s a woman. She’s new here. Don’t worry, she’s the good kind of immigrant.

Presented by Steel & Brown in association with State Theatre Company and Adelaide Festival Centre as part of its inSPACE program

By Emily Steel

She’s from the right sort of country, she makes excellent tea, and she’s desperately polite. But behind closed doors she’s just desperate. She’s homesick and lonely and bored out of her skull. Her baby won’t sleep and her partner won’t listen. Her neighbour on one side is crazy and the family on the other are (probably) terrorists. The guy downstairs thinks she walks too loud, and there are cracks appearing in the walls and in her sanity.

Rabbits asks: How can we live together? What does it mean to be ‘home’? And what if you took your worst thoughts about the people around you, and said them out loud?

Based on her personal experiences of coming to Australia, playwright Emily Steel (Volpone, Man in a Bag) shrugs off her kneejerk British niceness and creates this funny, heartfelt and irreverent one-woman show.

Supported by The Misery Children


Daisy Brown


Wendy Todd


Mario Späte


Emily Steel

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Sam Calleja
Dee Easton

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