David Williamson's

The Club

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An all-female, three-actor version


State Theatre Company South Australia and KOJO presents an isthisyours? and Insite Arts production

By David Williamson

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It’s not 1977 anymore…

A football club on the brink of change; the old guard is being called into question and a new path must be paved. Williamson’s classic satire of tradition, politics and the ruthlessness of men becomes a biting comedy for a new age in the hands of Adelaide theatre company isthisyours?

This new version of The Club is stripped back and sharpened, with three women bringing to life some of Australian theatre’s most infamous men. This is Australian comedy as it should be: irreverent, absurd and very, very funny.

After taking Sydney by storm in its 2018 premiere, this razor-sharp reinvention brilliantly re-frames Williamson for a new age. The Club comes to Adelaide ready to make you gasp, make you think, and most of all, make you laugh.

David Williamson’s The Club (an all-female, three-actor version) contains coarse language, sexual references and adult themes.

Duration: 2 hours and 10 minutes (including interval)


Explore the Show

  • Before you see isthisyours? radical reinvention of The Club, let us walk you through some of the key ideas underpinning the production.

    Read the illustrated guide here.

  • “But I also think that if you’re trying to make something new out of an old comedy that maybe doesn’t work the way it used to, then you can make superficial changes to that but the real challenge is to put meaning back into it and make it speak to where we are now. isthisyours? and their new version of The Club did that. It found a way around what was old or, perhaps, dated about The Club and gave it back the bite underneath the jokes.”

    We sat down with one of Australia’s best theatre critics to chat through why she loved The Club. Read the full interview here.

  • “But part of the play also deals with bad male behaviour towards females… it wasn’t the main part of the play but it was certainly there. And no one is better to skewer bad male behaviour towards women than women!”

    We talk to the legendary writer about what it’s like to see his work reinvented forty years since it’s premiere.

    Read the full interview here.


  • Nadia Rossi and Ellen Steele take us through how they’re changing David Williamson’s classic play.


    Nadia Rossi and Ellen Steele talk about the process of embodying some of Australian theatre’s most infamous men.

  • “There are no female characters in this play. It’s an all-male club, namely a football club. But women are mentioned all the time throughout. There are no female characters literally written into this play, but they have a presence onstage that hangs over the action. They are very much a part of it.”

    We were digging through our show archives when we came across the program for our 1997 production of David Williamson’s The Club. While flipping through the pages we came across a reading of the play from a feminist perspective by Dr Susan Mitchell. We got in touch to see what an all-female, three-actor version of the show means for her understanding of Williamson’s classic comedy. Read the full interview here

  • “I guess a question we have is- when women of the AFLW have the power, money and glory that the AFLM players currently have- how will they behave? Will the AFLW Integrity Commission be as busy as the AFLM one? Will the AFLW need a ‘gender adviser’?”

    The first female director of The Club and the first director of an all-female version of The Club sit down to talk about the ongoing relevance of Williamson’s classic play.

    Read the full interview here


Tessa Leong


Renate Henschke

Lighting Designer

Susan Grey-Gardner

Composer and Sound Designer

Catherine Oates

Lighting Design Secondment

Meg Wilson

Cast Includes

Louisa Mignone, Nadia Rossi and Ellen Steele

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