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State Resident

Our residency program has been up and running since 2013 and has supported ten different groups of independent artists in the process of developing their work. In 2019 we are looking to support two works that show an exciting creative point of view, at any stage of development. The work you pitch can be an idea, the seeds of a work right up to a completed script that might benefit from some time on the floor and a presentation in front of an audience. You can end the residency with a reading, a showing, a talk or no showing at all – it’s up to you, it’s your time. Just keep in mind that your production requirements need to be minimal and that the focus of the residency needs to be a deep rigorous engagement with the concepts and ideas you are working on.

What you get includes

  • A budget of $5000 for artist and creative fees
  • Rehearsal space for one week, subject to availability
  • In-house creative and technical support from the company, subject to existing commitments
  • In-house equipment, props and furniture from within STCSA stock


What you need to bring includes

  • Any extra equipment, costumes, set, materials, props and furniture
  • Workers Compensation and Public Liability Insurance
  • Technical staff if required
  • Finances to fund additional costs beyond the budgeted fees provided by STCSA


Your application should be no more than 2 A4 pages, and should include:

  • Who – a brief biography of the artists or group applying
  • What – an outline of your project and what you want to do
  • Why – the vision and reasoning behind you wanting to put on this show
  • Where – you are in the development of this work and where you hope it will go creatively.


How to apply

Please send your EOI in PDF or Word format to applications@statetheatrecompany.com.au by 5pm Friday 20th of April 2018 – please put ‘State Residency’ and your company name in the subject line.