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State Theatre Company South Australia is proud to present our Stay in with State program. While you’re staying at home, we want to join you on the couch. Stay in with State will be bringing you an array of digital content – high-quality theatre streaming, windows into our development work, captivating backstage insights, artist interviews, some try-at-home tutorials and some outrageously scandalous theatrical gossip-mongering to keep you connected and entertained until we can lift the theatre curtain once more.

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  • In this series, we ask the experts to provide us with an insight into a scene from a past production.

    Episode 1: A View from the Bridge with Elena Carapetis 

    A View from the Bridge was one of the theatrical highlights of our 2019 season. Elena Carapetis (who played Beatrice) narrates this scene from director Kate Champion’s epic production of the Arthur Miller classic.

    In this dramatic scene from Act II, Elena reveals how an unconventional rehearsal method led to one of Beatrice’s most dramatic moments.

    A View from The Bridge, directed by Kate Champion, assistant directed by Clara Solly-Slade, set design by Victoria Lamb, costume design by Enken Hagge, lighting design by Chris Petridis, composition and sound design by Jason Sweeney, starring Brett Archer, Bill Allert, Elena Carapetis, Antoine Jelk, Chris Asimos, Dale March, Mark Saturno and Maiah Stewardson.


    Episode 2: Jasper Jones with Nescha Jelk

    In this iconic scene from our production of Kate Mulvany’s Jasper Jones, director Nescha Jelk describes how she approached the task of showcasing a cricket game on stage… despite having “zero idea about cricket”!

    Kate Mulvany’s adaptation of Jasper Jones, based on the book by Craig Silvey, was part of the State Theatre Company South Australia 2019 program. It was directed by Nescha Jelk with assistant director Anthony Nicola and designed by Ailsa Paterson. Lighting design was by Nigel Levings, with composition and sound design by Andrew Howard. It starred Emma Beech, James Smith, Rachel Burke, Elijah Valadian-Wilson, Roy Phung and Rory Walker.

  • We check in with our favourite creatives for an update on what they’re up to in isolation, including recommendations on what to read and watch, local businesses to support and maybe even a reading or two!

    Stay in with Clara Solly-Slade


    Stay in with Ashton Malcolm


    Stay in with James Smith

  • Andrew Howard (Howie), Head of Audio and Resident Sound Designer at State Theatre Company South Australia, delves into his vast musical library to bring us a new album every week.

    Click here to find out more about Howie and his work with a behind-the-scenes Q&A.

    Album of the Week: Interiors

    Album of the Week: Fear Inoculum

    Album of the Week: Ghosts VI

    Album of the Week: The Atlas Underground

  • Image from Dance Nation

    Looking to inject a little theatre experience into your day? We’ve dug up some photos from our archives for you to download and use as backgrounds for your Zoom calls.

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