The Gospel According To Paul

24 Mar — 4 Apr 2020
Dunstan Playhouse
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State Theatre Company South Australia presents the Soft Tread production

By Jonathan Biggins

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The production Australia had to have

Australian politics are in peril. There’s only one man who can save it and, luckily, a window has opened up in his very busy schedule.

Paul Keating is a giant in Australia’s political memory. He knows it, you know it. And he’s here to tell you why he’s remembered so fondly. A smash-hit all around the country, The Gospel According to Paul sees the hilarious Jonathan Biggins become Keating in a virtuosic performance that brims with the former Prime Minister’s signature wit, charisma and very expensive suits.

Both Jonathan Biggins and Paul Keating are national living treasures. Biggins is one of our greatest comic minds and performers. The bravura and idiosyncrasy of Keating are similarly legendary. I laughed like a drain when I saw this show but also found it to be a surprisingly moving history of the last 50 years of Australian politics and the battles waged and won. I’m so glad we get to share the fun with you. Mitchell

Run time: 1 hour and 30 minutes (no interval)


“Biggins almost out-Keaters Keating…If only we had someone this clever running the country.” Crikey

“Biggins Finest Work” Sydney Morning Herald ★★★★½

“Biggins has the gestures, the jowls and the swagger of Keating so aptly the audience knows they’re in for the real deal” Artshub


Aarne Neeme

Set & Costume Designer

Mark Thompson

Lighting Designer

Verity Hampson

Sound & Video Designer

David Bergman


Jonathan Biggins

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